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Rick Simpson Oil, Don't Run From The Cure

09 Sep 2021, 23:33 GMT+10

You might know about specific plants that prove to help treat various ailments. Cannabis is one of the plants that are considered to treat many diseases, but there is a claim that they can use it to cure cancer.

The Rick Simpson Oil is a high potency, thick syrup extracted from cannabis. It became famous when the creator, Rick Simpson, claimed in 2003 that this oil treated many diseases such as headache, tinnitus, and cancer.

e Rick Simpson Oil is a thick, potent concentrate of cannabis invented by Rick Simpson, a medical marijuana specialist. He produced this oil from marijuana extract, and it is known to cure medical ailments, including cancer, which is an excellent advancement in the medical world.

Background Of Rick Simpson Oil

Before being a marijuana cultivator and medical expert, Rick Simpson was an engineer. In 1997 he experienced trauma after falling from a ladder and had severe headaches and ringing in the ears. He sought medical aid but soon realized that conventional medical treatment had no effects.

In fact, it made the symptoms worse. So he decided to look for other treatment options, and during experiments, he discovered the healing powers of marijuana, which later created Rick Simpson Oil.

The Rick Simpson Oil is a solvent-based extract of the cannabis. The solvents used are either alcohol or naphtha. To make the 'true' oil, cannabis flowers are soaked in any of the mentioned solvents and cooked at a high temperature required to decarboxylate the Tetrahydrocannabinol, also called the THC. Decarboxylation activates the THC but doesn't vaporize it.

This produces a vicious, dark-colored, and extremely high potency liquid, the oil. The Rick Simpson Oil generally has a 50-80% concentration of THC. It is then used for medical purposes.

Benefits of Rick Simpson Oil

Marijuana is used in many medicines due to its healing properties. That is why a correct dose of Rick Simpson Oil can be helpful to cure pain, sleeplessness, anxiety, and nausea. Since it's a high potency oil, the dosage can be increased if the body tolerates and relieves symptoms.

  • Cancer Treatment: Currently, many studies have been conducted that prove this oil can cure cancer in humans, but there is substantial proof in medical history that THC or other cannabinoids have anti-carcinogenic properties. Rick Simpson himself said that this oil could help cure cancer during an extended two months treatment period.

The oil is helpful to treat nausea and boost the appetite of cancer patients. Even if Rick Simpson Oil does not produce any effects on curing cancer, it can still effectively improve cancer patients' lifestyles.

  • Skin Conditions: RSO can be used topically to treat various skin and muscular conditions. In mice, Tetrahydrocannabinol has proven effective in curing melanoma and also decreases tumor size.

As this oil has a high concentration of THC, there are strong chances that it can prove beneficial in treating melanoma topically, compared to other cannabinoids. RSO can treat inflammation and auto-immune diseases such as MS (multiple sclerosis).

There are no studies that show its effectiveness in humans; the primary reason is that marijuana is still considered a Schedule 1 drug due to its extreme drug effects. That is why cannabis is still banned from being used in medical usage due to the lack of adequate medical supervision and the high risk of abuse that comes with it.

Consumption of Rick Simpson Oil

Generally, this oil does not need to be heated before consumption, so it is often used directly. It does contain a strong flavor, so people who consume it tend to mix it with some other edible to reduce the taste.

Sublingual Absorption

If you can tolerate the strong taste, it is advised to put it under the tongue for sublingual absorption, as it is way faster and more effective than the stomach's absorption.

Consumers can also mix it with olive oil to get a better taste. When you place it under the tongue, immediate results are usually obtained in 10-20 minutes. If you are taking Rick Simpson oil, it's suggested to start with tiny doses because it can have a potent onset.

Topical Application

Rick Simpson Oil can be applied on an even/unwounded skin. It's advised to mix this oil with a bit of quantity of another warm oil. This way, it can be slightly diluted, and it also spreads more efficiently on larger skin areas.

It is recommended not to smoke RSO. The main reason is that this oil is produced by cooking at a high temperature, which breaks down many terpenes. This is the reason that RSO does not have a great taste when it is smoked. It may also contain chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is harmless when digested, but it does have strong effects when smoked.


Ingesting RSO creates the most long-lasting effects. Put a small amount on a spoon or a toothpick, and swallow the oil. It will reach your circulatory system via the stomach. When you ingest it, you might feel a difference from being absorbed sublingually. During digestion, the Tetrahydrocannabinol is majorly converted into another more potent compound, the 11-Hydroxy-THC(2).

This compound is even more influential than THC, as researchers have concluded that it provides a more intoxicating result. This is the reason why digesting RSO produces more long-lasting effects compared to sublingual absorption.


To wrap up this article, it is disclaimed that this article is written for medical and educational purposes only. We have provided ample information on Rick Simpson Oil and have mentioned all the benefits in detail. The reason it is not used extensively is that cannabis is still a drug with very high chances of addiction and abuse. Therefore expert medical supervision is required to create this oil and then to be used on humans.

Cannabis is gaining popularity in the medical world because of its newly discovered benefits in treating various diseases. It's a high potency drug, and only a tiny fraction is way stronger than other conventional drugs. Therefore it should only be produced and used under strict supervision to avoid any chances of mishaps.

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