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When it comes to selecting eyewear that suits an active lifestyle, you'll be glad to know that the industry has come a long way.

It's now no longer the case that you need to use your standard glasses when you are in the gym or going for a run; there are now plenty of options that are both built for the purpose of being effective in such conditions but also being stylistically pleasing.

Just because your eyesight may not be par for the course, that doesn't mean you can't wear great glasses that will up your game and also won't crack under the pressure.

Previously this wasn't an area that the glasses market had paid enough attention to, but now when you look for prescription sports glasses, you have a host of types to choose from, made by all the leading brands in the business.

Glasses that are Built for Action

If you look at a pair of glasses you might wear for daily indoor use; then you might be looking at comfort being your prime concern. Maybe you are also hoping that the glasses you wear are fashionable and that they work for your type of face and style spectrum.

The points of interest for those buying glasses for sporting activities are entirely different, and as such, the act of buying the right pair is a little trickier to undertake.

Lenses used in sports glasses are traditionally made from polycarbonate, as this material is more capable of taking the stresses and strains of sporting activity. Usually, the polycarbonate, which will have built-in ultraviolet protection, will also come with a scratch-resistant coating to provide additional defense against the likely conditions an individual is likely to encounter.

What to Look for In Sporting Sunglasses

Sports glasses will tend to be sunglasses, which makes sense as most sporting action happens during the daytime, and as such, you'll want not only to see effectively but you'll want to shield yourself from glare and the sun.

There are a number of things you should look out for when it comes to selecting a good pair of sports sunglasses.

  • Rubber inserts - these sit on the bridge of your nose and will keep your glasses gripped during intense movement.
  • Sweat Absorbent frame bar - this will help prevent fogging and the possibility of the glasses slipping
  • Anti-Glare lenses - additional protection against the harsh sunlight penetrating to your eyes
  • Bendable temple guards - these should be adjustable and improve the fit of the glasses to your face, even if you get overly sweaty.

Picking the Right Shades for Your Sporting Activity

The type of glasses, and the shade or tinting of the lenses, may differ depending on the sporting activity you plan on using them in. A cyclist will need lenses that are especially effective against the dirt and grit that will be coming at them with alarming regularity; a golfer, on the other hand, needs a good field of vision and more shading due to the time they'll spend out in the sun.

A runner will need glasses that are comfortable and able to deal with a great deal of sweat and moisture, and as such, will look for glasses that afford adequate protection for these elements.

Similarly, the weight and resistance of a pair of glasses will alter depending on your needs, a skier will need very specific types of sunglasses with a shield, and a runner might want lightweight frames for the long distances they'll have to cover.

In all instances, you'll want a pair of glasses that can take a bit of rough and tumble, glasses that won't break or crack the first time they hit the floor. Sporting types usually want glasses that won't shift when they are on their face; they will want them to be relatively tight but also comfortable.

Sports Glasses for Children

You pay special attention when it comes to sports glasses for kids as there is a danger that the fit of these won't be to their liking, which can encourage children to take them off. Also, a poorly picked out pair of sports glasses can severely affect the peripheral vision your child may have, which can, of course, have repercussions.

Be extra careful when selecting the right pair for your children, and make sure they wear them on a supervised basis, at least initially.

Shop Online for Sports Glasses

As with the purchasing of any glasses, we'd strongly suggest you seek to do so online as the sheer weight of options is significantly greater when you shop on the internet.

When selecting the right retailer, you should pay close attention to the returns policy on these items before you complete a purchase; this is especially the case when it comes to buying prescription sports glasses.

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