Sat, 04 Dec 2021

Anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear notices that we are living in challenging times, not only in life choices we face during these unstable times but a time in which the threat of economic upheavals loom daily. Many turn to gold and silver, others to cryptocurrency and decentralized finance, and still others invest in stocks and bonds in order to overcome de facto income loss from future inflation. Hyperinflation, broken and clogged supply chains, job losses, and high unemployment, political instability and social divisiveness all contribute. Where does one put all their money, assuming they have a nest egg to invest?

For those who turn to precious metals like gold and sterling, there is a Christian company that is quickly gaining traction in the ecommerce space that offers a series of high-end 14k, 18k and 22k solid gold cross pendants that provide two valuable benefits: (1) The intrinsic value of real, genuine solid gold as a hedge against inflation. Gold has been a proven, long-term asset that has been hold as a store of value since Biblical times. Some say it is "God's money". Many Christians, consumers, and investors in general hold a portion of their portfolio in pure gold. (2) But while gold can be a lucrative, long term investment, it often sits in a safe collecting dust and is not liquid like stocks or other assets. Such retail companies can and often do provide high-end fully solid heirloom quality gold crosses for both men and women that can be worn through the generations and passed on to your children and grandchildren. This is because they are unlike the mass-produced, machined crosses already on the market.

In this way, you get the benefit of not only a long term store of value for your hard-earned finances and savings, but offers you utility. You can wear your investment and allow it increase in value as it ages over time. Very few other hard assets can make that claim.

What makes this newsworthy and a real benefit for jewelry lovers and gold bugs alike, is that while most cross pendants on the market are thin, flimsy or lightweight, the Christian pendants at Apples of Gold Jewelry, for example, the company we featured as our prime example, are heavy, fully solid through and through, and worth their weight in precious metal. Since they are also individually handmade to order just for you, they can also be custom made in higher purity metals such as platinum. Right now, with rising costs and fears of inflation, all precious metals and commodities appear to be set to increase in value, even including metals like copper, nickel and steel as well as other commodities such as lithium, which is seeing a massive boost due to renewable energy innovation from companies such as Tesla and their EV vehicles. In other words, commodities are again acting as a strong store of value for disposal income. This is why we are putting companies like Apples of Gold in the spotlight who offer not only an aesthetic collection of value when it comes to fine jewelry, but also solid, substantial pieces worth their weight and value that have a dual purpose: from aesthetic, style, fashion and beauty to a hard asset that you can touch. Many Christians, for example, are now looking to get away from things like crypto and stocks which are intangible and moving towards a barter system in case the "system" goes down or becomes unreliable, as we are not witnessing off of America's coasts with cargo ships who cannot unload due to backlogs, lack of employees and workers, and environmental regulations which have made an already dire situation even more challenging as we head into 2022 and beyond. Will there be relief in sight as we head into future years? We believe so, but it may take a few years. In the meantime, precious metals like solid gold crosses are a value investment when such metals have been historically complacent and will, inevitably increase as a store of value.

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