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How to Write an Essay in One Hour

15 Jan 2022, 03:42 GMT+10

Writing an essay is no easy feat. You require good vocabulary and command of the English language. Students are usually overwhelmed with never-ending assignments and tasks. If the deadline is only for an hour, you need valuable tips to deliver on time. Here is how you should get started:

Find Essay Writing Help

Writing an essay in an hour seems quite impossible. If you are worried and don't know how to deliver essays within an hour, you should hire professional writing services to do the job for you. If you search for ways on how to write my essay in 1 hour, you will find many professional writing services that can help you deliver on time.

Choose the one that best fits your needs. Just like buying ready-made clothes from the market, essay-writing services can make an essay for you that will aid in your research work. You should consider a few things before selecting a writing company.

  • Find a budget-friendly company, and you can easily afford it. Don't hire services that are cheap as they may offer low-quality assignments, and your grade will suffer;
  • Hire services that offer a money-back guarantee in case the essay is not up to the mark;
  • Go for a writing company where you can ask for free revisions if you don't like the quality;
  • Good writing services offer 24/7 support. You can discuss any issues you face with the team;
  • Since the time is short, hire a service that promises the best quality in a short time;
  • Check out the profiles of the authors on the website;
  • It is always a good idea to read out the testimonials of clients. Take a closer look at the negative reviews, and take a mental note of why the client was unhappy;
  • Never compromise on the content's quality over price.

Create the Killer Essay Outline

When planning to write an essay in an hour, the first thing you must do is create an outline. Organizing your thoughts helps deliver exceptional essays in a short time. Writing an outline delivers multiple purposes. It gives readers a synopsis and a roadmap which the writer can follow. It presents the gist of the essay. When the writer sits down to write, all he has to do is elaborate on the key points given in the outline.

Here are some tips on how to write an essay quickly:

  • Determine the objective of your essay. The purpose of your essay must be clear from the start. You can easily write the essay when you are clear about what purpose the essay is going to achieve;
  • Write down key points in the beginning, which you can elaborate on in the essay. For instance, in an argumentative essay on why you should be allowed to keep pets in your dormitory, you can make points like:
    • Students can better concentrate on studies;
    • It develops the habit of love and cares among students;
    • Students become more responsible;

  • Remove fluff from your essay. You don't want to end up writing stuff that has no meaning. Whenever you sit down to write an outline, only mention key points. Be simple and clear.
  • Do your research well

    The ideal way to write a paper in an hour is to do your research work. Before you sit down to write, read as much as possible. Search for relevant resources and gather material accordingly. Since you are short on time, you can hire professional essay writing services like Edu Jungles to do the job for you. Here, professionals write an essay fast for you to lessen your academic burden.

    If you are bent upon doing the task independently, spend some time reading books, research journals, and scholarly articles. Go through research papers quickly, and start making notes. Writing an essay in an hour is difficult, especially if the essay requires a lot of research. You can't possibly read entire articles and research papers. However, you can quickly skim through research articles to get a firm grip on the topic.

    In general, develop a quick reading habit to develop good researching skills. If you get the time, read essays and research papers to hone your writing skills.

    Set the Right Atmosphere

    To write a good essay fast, set the right environment. You can't write in a hurry, especially if there are a lot of distractions. Keep your focus, and make sure you can concentrate fully on the given topic.

    Remember, multitasking doesn't work. You have to stay focused and keep checking the time.

    To stay organized, make sure to divide your essay into sections and allocate time for each section. Keep track of time to ensure timely completion.

    Develop a Thesis Statement

    No essay is complete without a thesis statement. The way to write an essay includes creating a thesis statement in the beginning. Developing a thesis statement helps set the purpose of your essay and gives clarity. Students who have to write essays quickly must write the thesis first to set the stage. Here are quick tips on how you can develop a thesis statement:

    • It asserts the topic;
    • Presents a clear focus, telling the reader about the scope and purpose of the research paper;
    • Write it at the end of the introductory paragraph.


    When you start writing an essay, you are bound to make mistakes. Make sure you proofread and edit the essay. Quickly read the essay, and find out typos and errors. One way is to ask your friends to read the essay to check for mistakes. When editing your work, you should take a look at the following things:

    • Leave the last 10 minutes for proofreading;
    • Quickly skim through the essay, and you will be immediately able to identify errors;
    • Place a ruler under each line to identify mistakes;
    • Close your eyes for a few seconds before you start proofreading to take a break from writing;
    • When you immediately start proofreading, right after you have finished writing, you may end up overlooking mistakes;
    • To finish an essay fast, make sure to proofread the essay by reading backwards;
    • Know your typical mistakes and take a careful look at them before submitting your final essay;
    • Check out for language inconsistencies and grammatical issues.

    These tips on how to write an essay quickly will help you deliver exceptional articles on time. Follow the pattern and don't skip on anything. Creating a perfect outline and developing a clear thesis statement will ensure the timely delivery of your essay.

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