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Tactical X Drone is a foldable, compact, and lightweight quadcopter currently sold online.

At the official website, Tactical x drones are Priced at around $100 per unit.

What is Tactical x Drone? Its Range, features, and specifications? Keep reading the Tactical x drone reviews to discover everything worth knowing about this drone.


Capturing pictures from tight angles and some challenging heights have been a major concern for photographers and enthusiasts. Some time ago, people invested a lot of money in getting Helicopters and Camera crews for aerial shooting.

Truly, photography is an art and skills but skills without the appropriate tools will always yield poor results.

We guess you have been looking for a solution. There are a lot of options but Have you thought of using drones?

Yes, drones can make a great difference. They have been in existence since but it is not popular in the entertainment industries. They were designed for specific tasks and there were a lot of impossibilities then.

Drones are best used in outdoor shootings but not limited to that. Modern inventions have made a lot of positive changes in their construction, allowing more smart features without additional cost.

With the advances in drones Technology most people, even non-professionals, can easily take amazing pictures without much difficulty. The idea of drones has changed greatly and recent reports proved that all Photography have at least one in their kit.

Don't leave this page, The Tactical x drone reviews present another complete kit for amazing videography and photography sessions. There are a lot of possibilities now.

Tactical X Drone Explained

Tactical x drone is a mini, wifi-enabled, low-cost, and non-military selfie Drone with advanced features and sensors. Its functions include; Surveillance, Capturing Videos, Shooting, and other related functions.

In addition to other things, the tactical x drone can capture footage at unimaginable angles and heights. It is capable of taking high-definition images and videos with a lot of intelligence that will enhance your shooting experience.

Like other Camera drones sold online today, tacticals are designed with composite materials to reduce their weight and increase maneuverability. Recently, it is becoming popular with professional aerial cinematographers, filmmaking, and surveillance.

With improved battery technology, tactical x drones can record videos for Up to 20 minutes on one charge.

Its compactness ensures that you take it anywhere you want without any hassles. It can fly through tight corners, doorways, and other similar places.

Users have been enjoying its quality camera and fast speed. Some Reliable Tactical x Drone reviews claimed that the drone is one of the fastest drones of its size and it looks to be true because the manufacturer claims that it can speed up to 19 meters per second.

For total control, the tactical x drone has an in-built GPS that assists in tracking it and finding precisely its current location. From the official website, Tactical x Quadcopter offers many smart functions: Gravity sensor, Altitude hold, Follow me Mode, and many more. The beauty of everything is that it offers all these great features without breaking the bank.

Tactical x drones are exclusively sold online where they are priced at $99.99 per unit as of the time of writing. Also, the manufacturer says that they offer greater discounts when you buy more than one in one round.

Tactical Drone is made by experts to meet the demand of both professionals and Enthusiasts. It earns users the opportunity to record their epic adventures without breaking their financial budgets.

For enthusiasts, photographers, Filming, and some security purposes, Tacticals seem to be the best deal. It can be used while it is raining or in some challenging environment. Many people have been using it and their Thoughts are encouraging.

Tactical X Drone: Features

The maker advertised the following features on their website.

Foldable Propellers: With a simple touch, its Propellers can be folded making them smaller. Foldable drones are usually more convenient to carry around and tacticals are no exception.

Compact: Most people defined the tactical as a pocket drone due to its compactness. When on the go, you can easily put one in your backpack without taking your personal space.

High Altitude: Tactical x drone can attain up to 3000ft allowing you to capture everything happening in the scene. One implication of its high vertical height is that it can offer a birds-eye view.

Panoramic Mode: panorama mode is one of the effects that one can get When taking pictures and videos. This mode makes it possible for the Tactical x drone to take pictures that have wide angles making it possible for total coverage without leaving your position.

Slow-mo Mode: Slo-mo Mode is another unique feature that is worth mentioning. Slow-motion allows for complete tracking of all events. Truly, Slow motion video is a game-changing drone feature that allows you to capture immersive footage of moving objects and unlocks an unlimited array of potential for your videos. This is one of the Problems Tactical x Drones have solved.

HD Camera: Tactical x drone features a 4k Ultra HD camera that allows you to take the highest quality pictures you can ever imagine.

Sensors: Electronic image stabilization and the altitude holding feature allows beginners to film and fly like pros from the very first flight. The gravity sensor detects the ground and other obstacles and changes the flying course automatically to avoid collision with other objects making it easy for an inexperienced drone pilot.

360-degree rotation: Tactical x is that kind of drone that is capable of complete rotation while on a flight.

LED Night Lights: Users are capable of flying even at night though it is not recommended to do so. The bright LED lights ensure you keep track of your drone all time.

Tactical x drone Specifications

The manufacturer advertised the following tactical x drone specs on their official website:

  • Gyro: 6 axis
  • Frequency: 2.4GHz
  • R/C distance: 80 to 100m
  • FPV Range: Approximately 30m
  • Drone battery: 1 x 3.7V 500mAh LiPo battery
  • The angle of view: 360 degrees 720P
  • Camera: 4K HD
  • Remote control battery: 3 x 1.5AA battery ( not included)
  • One key take-off and landing
  • LED Night lights.

Reasons Why Tactical x Drone is Recommended

Reliable reviews and comments by experts suggest that the Tactical x Drone is not far from the next big thing in any photographer kits and most homes. In terms of drones, there are a lot of options. Recent Advances in Technology have helped immensely in their popularity. Expect to see more in the future.

Everyone is recommending the Tactical x Selfie drone due to its:

Effortless control: if there is one thing we love about tactical x drones, it must be its Controllability. For instance, just by hitting a button, you can take Amazing pictures and record your favorite moments.

Most drones come with a complicated control system that only experts can handle. The maker of Tactical x wants something that both gurus and newbies can appreciate. Despite its simple control structure, they went further and prepared a detailed User Manual at no additional cost to you.

Advanced features: Tactical x drone has features usually found in some real top-rated. features like Return to home ensure that it automatically returns to its take-off point during emergencies like low battery, and loss of connection.

Another additional feature is also its follow me mode. This enables users to take pictures and videos of themselves. All bikers will love this as it can record all their footage without needing an external person.

Portability and Adjustability: Drones are mostly used outdoors though Tacticals can be used indoors as well. To increase your outdoor experience, Tactical x drones are designed with lightweight plastics. It is also foldable so you can take it anywhere conveniently and easily.

Rapid Motion: One of the fastest drones under its domain. Tacticals records speed up to 1900 centimeters per second. It can go further faster and can reach a height of about Three thousand feet.

Outstanding design: What matters is indeed functionality but to strike balance, tactical x drone is stylishly designed - plus its efficiency.

Long duration of use: Tactical x drone comes with a high-quality Rechargeable battery that can store Large amounts of Charge. It can last up to 30 minutes on a single charge. It can even last longer when you are just flying it for fun.

Long Range: Most drones are limited to 50m and below. Tactical x has a range of up to 80 meters.

Image stabilization Ability: It Comes with some sensors that allow the user to fly and film like pros. Every portion of the tactical x drone is designed so that any total beginner will find it easy to fly for the very first time.

Toughness: As an outdoor drone, tactical is designed to be tough so that it can be able to withstand some challenging environments.

How to set up Tactical x drone: Steps

Just a few steps. The tactical x drone is ready to work out of the box. A few lines in the instructions manual will see you set it up and get ready for your first flight session. However, we summarized the needed steps below.

Here are the steps

Fix the battery and make sure it is intact.

Unfold the drone and set up your transmitter.

Connect to wifi and You are good to go.

This is just a summary, detailed information can be found in the user manual. keep it safe for references

The Technology behind Tactical x drone

Like other unmanned aerial vehicles, Quadcopter precisely, Tactical X Drone uses foldable Propellers to generate the lifting force that propels the drone.

The working process is simple: once the battery is charged and inserted into the drone. It will produce the necessary power required to start the DC motor which drives the propeller blades. The four blades work together to lift and keep the drone in motion.

To record videos or take pictures, Tactical X Drone uses a 4k camera With a quality lens.

Tactical x drone reviews: How to use

Now let's take a look at how to use Tactical X Drone.

Using the tactical is straightforward, says one of the experts. The manufacturer takes time to produce this quality drone with usability their main target. Anyone who has never piloted a drone before should have no issues using the Tactical x quadcopters

Wondering how this can be true, here are the usage Guidelines

Our first advice is to read the instructions manuals carefully. It will not only tell you how to use it but it will also tell you the capabilities of the drone.

1: Charge the battery and make sure it is fully charged.

2: Use the Remote Control or the App.

Before using the transmitter, review the instruction manual again and get to know all the buttons. The mobile app is available on the play store or Apple Store. Follow the steps and download it. Every step is explained in the user manual included in the shipping package.

The mobile app gives you more information about the drone: Things like its position and distance from nearby objects. Use the GPS to track its location to avoid possible loss and crashing.

Why You need Tactical X Drone

There are a lot of reasons. The possibilities are endless. Here are some reasons you will be tempted to invest in Tactical X Drone.

For easy capturing of your Adventurous moments: Tactical X Drone ensures you never miss your epic Adventures. With its advanced design, Tactical x can follow you anywhere, filming in high definition, and recording videos with just a press of a button.

Aerial Surveillance: It is initially designed as a selfie drone but due to its longer battery life, and quality Camera, the Tactical x drone is now used for security purposes: 'It is also a super third eye,' says one satisfied customer. Truly, it is another cheap method to improve safety and security. It is not a military-grade drone but it offers some related functions.

Capture Professional Shots: With its slow-motion abilities and a wider field of view, the Tactical allows users to capture quality shots. Recent reviews claimed that it is one of the best, low-cost photographer drones.

Advantages of Tactical x drones

Affordable Price: How can something that is almost $100 be cheap? In some other products, $100 is a huge number. Tactical x is a top-rated drone. The seller is currently offering it at a 50% discount. That is one of the reasons it looks so cheap. The features and smart functionality Tactical x drone offers are far greater than what the company is selling it now. Be careful of any drone that is far below $100, you do get what you paid for.

Video Editing ability: As a total beginner, Tactical will make it look professional. This drone is capable of editing videos, making low-quality records look professional.

Trajectory Flight: The path of track of tactical x drone is traceable reducing the risk of loss and possible collision.

App Control: Tacticals are designed to be controlled through mobile apps that offer much better control.

4k Camera with quality lens: Despite the price, the tactical x drone comes with a quality camera that is mainly reserved for some special function drones. With such a camera, users can get images with good images, allowing them to observe nature and see details with much clarity.

No hassle return: All purchases are backed with a 30-day money-back guarantee. This allows users to think twice even when their order has arrived. Return is very easy and you can get back your money sooner than later.

Disadvantages of Tactical x drone

Available only online: Due to some reasons, tactical x drones can only be purchased online at mytacticaldrone.com. The company has indeed created a lot of awareness, but most people will still miss out though it looks like they will make it available in retail stores soon.

Limited stock: The company recently announced that they have only a few left for sales and they don't know when they will be selling out again. It is advised you get your now if you consider buying it.

No Controller Battery: The manufacturer doesn't give buyers the transmitter battery. so users are forced to buy from their budget.

Tactical x drone pricing:

Currently, tactical x drones are price from $99.99 to $297. It is fairly priced compared to its first-class features.

Below are the price arrangements and the package Contents.

One Tactical x drone - $99.99

  • One transmitter
  • Two Rechargeable drone battery
  • One charging cable
  • One user manual

Two Tactical x drones, get one free (Three drones total) - $197

  • Three transmitters
  • Six Rechargeable drone batteries
  • Three charging cables
  • Three user manuals

Three Tactical x drones, get One for free (four drones total) - $297

  • Four controllers
  • Eight Rechargeable batteries
  • Four Charging Cables
  • Four User Manuals.

All prices are in the United States Dollars and you might pay shipping fees as the case may be. Also, this does not include extra propellers.

Where to buy The Tactical x Drone

Tactical x drones are currently sold on the official website. The company claimed to have enough payment platforms and several customer services to attend to any potential buyer. They also promise to offer faster shipping time.

Tactical x drone Return Policy

The seller claimed that all orders are backed by a 30- day money-back guarantee if you are not thrilled by the drone again. They said that any buyer can return their products if he or she:

1: Received a product with a damaged package.

2: Received a defective product.

3: Received the wrong item

4: Changed his or her mind and wanted to return an unused and opened product.

Mail your package to:

Attn: Return Center

77 Searing Ave

Mineola, NY 11501

(888) 958-4484

However, conditions for full refunds are stated below:

Returned products are undamaged and show no signs of wear.

Products are returned in the condition you received them including all packaging, accessories, and manuals.

Tactical x Drone must be returned to the return facility address provided by our customer service.

Tactical x drone manufacturer

Tactical x drone is manufactured by a US-based company.

Business Address:

Wirecel LLC

1520 Dimmet Drive

Carrollton, TX 75010

Benefits of buying from the official website

Users who bought from mytacticaldrone.com have been enjoying some benefits which include:

  • Free Shipping
  • Getting warranty card
  • Getting extra batteries at discounted price
  • Buying the original drone carrying case at the best price.
  • Adding extra propellers by paying little charges

Tactical x drone reviews: Safety Measures

1: Make sure you get used to the drone transmitter before flying. This will help prevent unnecessary damage to yourself or another person

2: Keep the drone close if necessary

3: Always fully charge the battery before use.

4: Download the fly app. Some areas are restricted from flying drones so this app will help you monitor those places and save yourself from avoidable fines.

5: Do not fly your drone over humans Unnecessarily.

6: Do not fly from moving vehicles.

7: Do not fly at night

8: Lastly, read the instructions manual and keep it safe for future reference.

Tactical x drone app

Tactical x drone can be controlled via mobile app (tactical app). The tactical x drone app is compatible with both Android and iOS phones and it is free.

Tactical x drone website

Mytacticaldrone.com is one and only website that advertised Tactical drones. The company revealed all the features and specifications of the drone in the website.

Best drone practices

Always fly in open areas so that you won't have to worry about jamming obstacles like poles, houses, and trees.

Always Take-off from a spot where the drone can land safely. In some situations, the drone might return to its Take-off point automatically.

Remove the battery after each flight session

In case you want to store the drone, fully charge the battery, Clean it from time to time.

Always unfold your drone When not in use.

General Information

Tactical x Quadcopter drone is designed with many functions in mind but the target is for taking professional photography and recording amazing Videos. Most people have tried to use it for surveillance purposes. It works fine but it is not a military-grade drone so don't expect some intelligence from it.

The drone is best used for those who are looking for ways to revamp the way they view nature. It is good for most outdoor activities. Viewing natural parks and oceans. With industry-leading features like an HD camera, automatic self-stabilization, and unrivaled speed and agility, this drone has everything people need to start making Awesome Videos and Shots.

For some work like:

  • Package Delivery
  • Scientific Research
  • Advanced Surveillance

The tactical x drone will not help you. You need to look for some other Brand specifically made for that purpose. For other purposes, the Tactical x drone looks like the best option for you.

Tactical x Drone Battery

The Company claims to use a quality battery that can be fast-charged without the risk of catching fire. They also said that the battery features advanced materials to make sure that it can store enough energy without adding much weight to the drone. Its nameplate rating is: 3.7V, 500mAh.

Tactical x drone instructions Manual:

All orders are shipped with English, Concise, and well-structured manuals to help Rockie pilots. There is no additional cost to get it.

Tactical x drone reviews: Important Updated

Owners are tasked to take care of their drones properly. The company is not responsible for any damage due to miss handling. The truth is that the drone can crash or even go missing. Newbies are advised to keep the drone within reach and always fly in open areas.

To be free from some of this experience, it is recommended that all users understand the controller and some tricks before unleashing their drone. Always monitor your drone with the transmitter and the mobile app. Use an efficient GPS tracker for more precise control.

To ensure you never miss any moment, we recommend you get extra batteries and keep them fully charged all time. Sadly, you have to pay for this. The company gives one extra battery.

Confirm your email address, phone number, and your local address so that your drone will arrive at your convenient place. You might not be able to change the address once the order has left their office. For more information, contact them through support@mytacticaldrone at Checkout. Getting extra propeller blades is also recommended. Though it looks like the company offers extra blades for free.

You can also apply for a 3 years warranty on each drone though you have to pay for them. Drone Protection Travel Case Carrying case for Tactical X Drone, Splash-proof, Durable, Compact Semi-hard material is also recommended for new Customers.

Tactical x Drone vs other selfie drones

Tactical x is not the only drone, there are many and many are still coming.

Most of them have Similar features, do the same work but there are some differences.

In terms of compactness, the tactical x drones seem to be more compact, which makes it more portable. Others are really compact anyway.

The battery strength differs as well. Most can last from 5 to 7 minutes. Tactical x quadcopter can last up to thirty minutes, some top brands can last more than that as well.

Prices differ as they are produced by different manufacturers. Some drones are above $100 dollars why some like Tactical are within under $100. Some other brands cost Even Thousands of dollars.

The truth is that Tactical x drone is just an option in the market. It might not be Your best choice considering what you have used and your budget. For something under one hundred dollars tactical x drone beat most of its competitors by huge numbers.

We aren't trying to place the drone in the first position. You might need another drone based on your purpose. It is best in some applications like video and image capturing, and some surveillance purposes.


How Long Does it Take to Fully Charge the Tactical X Drone Battery?

Your battery can be charged within an hour or 70 minutes.

What is the maximum Range?

Its range is up to 100m but it is not limited to that.


Wifi real-time transmission FPV system which can connect your phone with the drone and the view will be shown directly on your phone, thus enjoy the world above the horizon, capture photos, and record videos for your great memory.

See What people are saying about Tactical X Drone

One user, Jillian by name confessed that it is pretty easy to use. I was surprised when my daughter used it to capture my son during a bike session. I used it to film some videos during the exhibition event early this year. It has never collided with any object since I started using it. I also ordered the carrying case and it looks awesome. I have used it for multiple functions. Truly, the possibilities are endless.

Another user from the United States, Bob C. Breckenridge, CO says it is very cheap, I least expected it at this price. Is true that drones are dropping in price every day but for something like this is a miracle. I love tactical x drones and I recommend them.

One verified purchase was found saying: 'This is by far my favorite drone. I have a couple of others, but this one delivers every single time. My favorite feature is automatic image stabilization. It's great for me as a beginner and I thought it might help experienced pilots too. Highly recommend.' - Lisa A From The United States.

James P, from America, says that the Performance is outrageous. It has taken my Video to the next level. The video editing feature is one of the things I love most. I never expect to make cool and attractive Videos during my first week of learning. Why not, I recommend this.

Another owner says that getting The tactical x drone is one of the best things he has done this year. Initially, I thought I was overpriced, but the performance blew me away. I never expected much from them going by what I have been using. The battery life surpassed my expectations.

Another satisfied customer says that I added extra batteries but I'm surprised that I never used them for once. It seems like it lasts longer than what I saw in the ads. Try, it might be your favorite.

Final Thought: Tactical X Drone Reviews

By now we believe you should have known almost everything you need.

Sincerely speaking, Tactical x drone has gained serious recognition and the reasons are obvious. Despite all the qualities, the company still keeps it at a price that looks affordable to most individuals.

With the tactical X Drone you can get stunning pictures from one spot. Extremely easy to operate, Tough, durable, and smarter.

As regards purchase, we suggest you buy from Mytacticaldrone.com. There are other similar products, so be careful of where you are buying from, Avoid scammers!!. Beware of fake Tactical x drones.

Visit the official website for more information and Purchase if you're completely thrilled by the tactical x drone.


This article is for general information purposes only. We only recommend what we think our readers might need. We don't try to force or persuade you to buy them. We assumed that any purchasing decision depends on your opinion.

Please understand that any advice or guidelines revealed here are not even remotely substitutes for sound financial advice from a certified financial advisor. Make sure you consult your financial consultant before making any decision.

We are not responsible for pricing inaccuracies. Always check the product sales page for the final price. The seller reserves the right to alter the price anytime they want.

Affiliate disclosure

Links in this product might result in a small commission to us at no additional cost to you. It is a way the company financed our teams so that we can provide something like this again. Note that we only recommend what we have used and trust.

Checkout at mytacticaldrone.com: the only secured place to buy the Tactical x drone.

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