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Summer is around the corner and this year looks like it is going to be the hottest. Searching for the best portable AC, you aren't alone. Indeed, beating the Summer heat is a serious task for Canadians and the US. With this in mind we decide to present this piece of technology that promises to keep you cool no matter how hot it will become. The ChillWell is what it is called. It is a top-rated portable ac currently trending in Canada and The United States.

Priced at around $90 per unit, ChillWell portable ac promises to keep you cold all summer long irrespective of where you are.


Summer heat has been a serious problem for many, of course it is the best season for most people. Summer vacations, summer parties, hiking, camping, and a variety of other outdoor activities are all popular this time of year.

Sadly COVID-19 pandemic has limited most of these activities and many people are forced to stay indoors. August nights are not easy to stay in, the heat is too much and from the meteorological reports, this year is going to be the worst. You have to run your home Air Conditioner 24/7 which might look simple until you get your first electric bill.

This is where the ChillWell comes into play - It is an innovative air cooler with little running cost. It is a personal space cooler and can be set up by just using three components; electrical outlet, charging cable (included) and cooling cartridge.

Okay, What is Really The ChillWell portable ac? How does The ChillWell work? Why is it so popular in Canada?

Don't worry, Here are the things we discussed in this ChillWell AC Canada Review:

  • What ChillWell is all about.
  • The Working Principle of Chill Well AC and its features
  • Where to buy a ChillWell portable air cooler.
  • The Benefits of using ChillWell.
  • Why you must invest in a ChillWell Air Cooler this Summer.
  • Limitations of ChillWell coolers.
  • The meaning of Hydro-chill technology - a process used by ChillWell personal space coolers
  • ChillWell Customer Reports From Canada

Just keep reading, Don't leave this page, see you down the page!!!

What ChillWell Portable Ac Is All About - Detailed Explanation

ChillWell is a compact, cordless, and lightweight personal air cooler - plus a humidifier.

Unlike other portable air coolers sold online today, ChillWell portable Ac comes with a built-in rechargeable battery allowing you to use it without plugging into an electrical outlet.

ChillWell works like most portable ACs as It contains cold water in the tank and passes air through it which leads to evaporation, resulting in cool air. Also, it adds moisture to the air which results in cool, humid, fresh cooled and moisturized air.

Many Canadians and the US have been using it to cool down their homes, and offices in style. ChillWell offers just portable cooling, it doesn't have the electricity usage or cost of a full home air conditioning system, nor is it designed to replicate a full home AC system. Never expect a single unit to cool every corner of your home.

There are a lot of Portable air coolers around but nothing is smaller than ChillWell. It is so small that you can set it up just anywhere you want it. Dining table, reading table, bedside table, just anywhere you can think of.

ChillWell is exclusively sold online at $89.99 per one. The company promised to offer free shipping on all others and also more discounts if you buy more than one unit.

Good to Know: ChillWell isn't just for your room or house - it's for anywhere you're headed this summer! It is Packed With Summer-Ready Features to give your cooled and moisturized air all summer long irrespective of where you are in Canada.

Understanding How ChillWell Works

ChillWell is both a humidifier, fan and space cooler or air conditioner. It uses adiabatic cooling technology where Water is the refrigerant.

Here's is how it works as advertised by the maker

  • Firstly you fill it container with cool water
  • You plug it in the wall socket outlet if the battery is not charged.
  • Switch on the fan which will suck hot air From your room and pass them through the water causing evaporation.
  • Evaporation requires heat and moisture; ChillWell draws moisture from the water tank and heat from the air, creating cooler, cleaner, and more refreshing air
  • it blows the cool and clean air out through the other side.

The process is clean and natural. Traditional air conditioners work by sucking moisture from the air which is good but not great. ChillWell Works in a different way. Adding moisture to the air and cooling the air at the same time, it gives you all of the benefits of a normal home AC system with none of the moisture.

Features Of ChillWell

The manufacturer of ChillWell advertised the following features.

Adjustable cooling level: It features three cooling levels (medium, high and low).

Compact and portable: ChillWell is designed so that owners can move them around without any hassle. Its compactness ensures you set it anywhere, no matter how small it might look.

Chargeable : it also has a strong Rechargeable battery that can withstand many charging and discharging cycles.

Air filter: the filter is designed to catch dust and other filterates so that it can blow cool and fresh air.

Adjustable louvers: ChillWell allows you to control the direction of air by adjusting its blade.

550ml Tank: cooling water tank lasting for up to 8 hours without refilling.

Energy Efficient and Freon Free: no need for cooling gases, just fill its Tank with water. You might drop a few ice cubes in for good measure.

LEDs indicator lights: with Seven color LEDs lights, ChillWell can add more beauty to your room.


  • Mode light
  • 4 fan speeds
  • Carrying loop
  • Turbo mode
  • Multiple light colors

Benefits Of Using The ChillWell Portable AC

Works as a humidifier: in addition to being an efficient air cooler, it is also a powerful humidifier.

Convenient and affordable: ChillWell is designed with a carrying loop so that owners can carry them easily. The price might seem high but any average portable air conditioner is far greater than the ChillWell Air cooler.

Fast cooling : It can deliver cool air within 30 minutes.

Can be used anywhere: It is a complete stand alone device. It is actually designed for indoor use but once fully charged, ChillWell can work well when used outdoors.

No maintenance cost: it is robust and requires no or little maintenance. Just the cooling cartridge needs to be maintained and it can be done at most once in every three months of constant usage.

Easy to use : ChillWell is very simple to use, no installation is required, just put water and switch it on.

It also offers easy, top-fill pouring with no refill tank to worry about. Just pour water directly into the unit as needed. As it runs, the device will extract moisture from the tank. You periodically refill the tank to ensure ChillWell continues to run as needed.

Reasons Why ChillWell Is Recommended?

There are many portable air coolers in the market, ChillWell is currently making Waves with a lot of experts recommending it.

Wondering why it has attracted such attention, here are some of the reasons:

Completely cordless: Owners don't need to worry about some long and untidy cables like some other products sold online. ChillWell can be charged with a USB Cable which you can remove after the charging session.

Lightweight: it weighs just a few pounds allowing you to easily Carry them around. No wonder why people carry it from room to room and to their offices.

Portable and compact: The compact nature of this air cooler cannot be compared. It is the most compact portable cooling device around. Extremely portable that most people use it while on the go.

Long duration of use: ChillWell can be used for up to 5 hours depending on the cooling level you choose. The battery is strong and holds its charge for a long period.

Environmental friendly: It doesn't use any Chemical based refrigerant. It uses a natural process (evaporative cooling technology) to cool down your personal space.

It can be used around pets, Children, and older people without worrying about any side effects.

Energy efficient: ChillWell portable ac runs from a rechargeable battery which needs small energy to get charged. It uses a fraction of what the central cooling system uses and still gives you the Best cooling experience.

Fast set-up: It is ready to be used out of the box. No mechanical or electrical know-how is required. Just a flat surface, electrical wall outlet, and cooling Cartridge you are good to go. Just that, I'm sure!!!.

Improved water tank: ChillWell has the capacity to hold 550ml of water which is an improvement to what has been around. Most devices offer 400ml meaning that you will be topping water frequently.

Noiseless Operation: It is one of the cooling devices with almost zero decibel.

Can hold ice: To improve cooling, ChillWell tanks also accommodate ice.

Less running cost: As It runs in battery, you don't need to plug it steady for it to work. The electric usage is drastically reduced when compared to other air coolers in the market.

GUARANTEED HIGH QUALITY: it ensures that all Canadians enjoy consistent, trouble-free performance throughout the longest hottest day.

How to use The ChillWell Portable Ac

Using It is straightforward. It works like any other potential ac. Anybody who Never used it before should have no issues using The ChillWell.

Here are the steps involved:

Use an included USB charging cable and charge the it

Fill the 550ml tank with clean and cool water.

Insert the cooling cartridge.

Switch it on by pressing the fan button. ChillWell will enter the maximum speed automatically. You can select any speed you want.

Adjust the cooling vents to direct the airflow to your preferred direction.

The secret behind ChillWell air cooler:

Most people have been using ChillWell without knowing the science behind it, does it really matter? To fully understand how it works, understanding the little science behind it might help.

The secret is that water evaporates on exposure to heat and it has been proven scientifically that evaporation leads to temperature reduction.

As evaporation requires heat. So when the hot air encounters the water inside ChillWell's water tank it creates evaporation which brings about heat exchange. The water in the tank absorbs the heat from the hot, incoming air and gives out cooler air.

To enhance your ChillWell cooling experience, it offers two evaporation stages, the last one happening at the cooling cartridge.

It is all about evaporation, no other technology, just that.

Product Specifications: ChillWell Reviews

The maker advertised the following specs in the official website -

  • Up to 3.5 Hours Battery Life
  • Cordless Operation
  • 550ml water storage space
  • Personal Cooler
  • Low Noise
  • Adjustable louver


  • Rapid cooling
  • Easy setup
  • Energy efficient
  • Multiple functions
  • Eco and budget friendly
  • Extremely stylish and cordless

Cons: ChillWell AC Canada

  • Available online
  • Limited stock
  • No remote control
  • Not suitable for outdoors
  • Use for only your personal space
  • You might need more than one unit to cool some larger places.
  • You need to change the water in the tank from time to time.
  • Less efficient in larger areas.

ChillWell vs similar products

After close examination, our teams discovered that ChillWell is better than similar models in the following ways;

-Multi-purpose air cooler, the ChillWell is a multi-purpose cooling device. You may also use it as a humidifier and a standard fan. Unlike regular air coolers which dry out your skin, lips, nose, and throat, the ChillWell Air Cooler delivers moisture to help you combat the heat.

-Targeted Cooling, The ChillWell is used to cool down specific areas unlike some models that try to cool down the entire area, wasting energy and Money.

-Instant Cooling, it cools down within 30 seconds faster than other coolers.

-Remote or Portable cooling, With the ChillWell, you can cool some corners that your Central AC can't reach.

ChillWell price information

The ChillWell is priced from $89.99 to $269.99

One ChillWell Portable AC: $89.99

Two ChillWell Portable ACs: $179.99

Three ChilWell Portable ACs: $201.99

Four ChillWell Portable ACs: $269.99

This is the price as of the time of writing, the company reserved the right to change it anytime they want. Always check the product sales page to the latest price.

Note: Transaction Charges are not included. The company also claims that the shipping cost is also included though They changed the Policy anytime.

Buy ChillWell from the official website at the lowest price ever!!!

Where to buy ChillWell Portable AC

ChillWell can be purchased online at the official website. Don't worry they provide several payment platforms and also offer free shipping on all orders. They are selling at the lowest price and offer faster shipping time.

ChillWell return policy

The manufacturer claims that all orders are backed with a 60 days money back guarantee if you are not completely thrilled with it again.

They said that all buyers can return if;

-They received the wrong product.

-They have changed their mind and decided to go for another portable air cooler.

-They have received damaged products.

Always check their terms and conditions at checkout to check if there's any update or change of policy!!!.

How to store it

In case you don't want to use it for sometime, before storing it, make sure that it is dried and completely clean from any dirt. Don't store it with water or ice in that tank., Remove the cooling cartridge and dry it. Fully charge the battery and store the ChillWell in a cooled dry place.

Limitations of ChillWell Coolers:

One major limitation of this product is its inability to cover Large spaces which forces buyers to buy more than one if they wish to cool some places other than their personal space. With this in mind, the manufacturer advised that each person should use one unit for effective cooling. It is not just as powerful as a home air conditioner and doesn't cost as much as them. It is a limitation anyway but it somehow reflects what you paid for.

ChillWell Charging process:

It is designed to be charged with a handy USB cord included. To charge it, simply plug it in any power adapter and the charging indicator starts blinking. The battery can be charged and discharged more times. The charging light becomes solid when it is fully charged.

ChillWell- instruction manual

It Comes with a detailed manual that shows every part and how to use it. It is shipped at no additional cost to you.

Cautions: ChillWell Portable AC Reviews

Everyone is advised to take care of their Air cooler. Careless handling might Lead to breakdown, it is recommended to keep it on an extremely flat surface and don't move it when filled with Water.

Always clean it with damp clothes or towel and Keep dry when not in use.


Can I leave this product on at night?

Yes, it doesn't make Noise so it can run while you sleep to keep the air at the optimal humidity level.

Does the ChillWell consume a lot of electricity?

Not at all, it runs very efficiently, adding humidity to the air using evaporation technology.

Where is the best place to position the ChillWell Portable Ac?

From our experience, we recommend positioning your unit close to an open window on a flat surface for best performance.

When should I replace the ChillWell cooling cartridge?

It is recommended to replace the filter every 1-3 months, depending on usage for optimal performance.

Can I buy this product in the store?

The ChillWell air cooler is only available online at the official website and the stock is limited.

How many people will the ChillWell air Cooler cool?

It is recommended to have a single unit for each person. Using it in a group of people is not advised. It works but the efficiency is reduced.

How do I use it as a humidifier?

No, special arrangements, simply plug it in to start using your air cooler as a humidifier. It is an automatic process.

How long will The ChillWell run?

When fully charged, it will run for 3.5 hours depending on speed setting, room temperature levels, and room humidity levels. When plugged in it can last 8-12 hours on a single fill depending on speed setting, room temperature levels, and room humidity levels.

How is the ChillWell portable air Cooler powered?

It is rechargeable and should be charged with the included USB-C cable.

ChillWell Consumer Reports From Canada And The US

Cam D. from San Diego, CA says that 'l finds it difficult to sleep during summer due to the heat and the dry air. I have been looking for something that can cool and humidify. I have seen a lot of ads promoting it and I decided to try it. Sincerely speaking, the results supersede my expectations. I'm looking forward to August night'

Anita F. from Las Vegas, NV says ' I have used a lot of portable coolers, I prefer them to my central AC. The ChillWell is the latest I have used and the result surpassed others. I really love the idea behind it. Really amazing!!!'

Gary from Cardiff, United Kingdom says ' I never think I will be using any Portable air Cooler again Since my first experience but the ChillWell changed my mind. I visited a friend and it happened that I will sleep over, he gave me one ChillWell to use that night. The performance was great. I went and ordered mine the next day. I recommend it!!!'

Final Thought On ChillWell Reviews

The ChillWell has been reviewed and we believe it covers almost anything you might need to know about it. It might not have the ability to cool every corner of your room but it is capable of cooling your personal space instantly. It is also a stylish air cooler as it adds decorations in your room.

ChillWell is a very effective cooling device but don't expect it to be as a $5000 air conditioner system. It is for those who prefer cheap, portable, and effective cooling systems.

The delivery might take up to 5 days as the case may be. It weighs just only 1lb 13.5oz with portable dimension of

6.69' by length, 5.71", by width, and 6.30" by height.

It is designed with a very efficient Cooling cartridge to make sure you beat the summer heat gracefully!

If you are completely thrilled with this product and decide to buy, we suggest you buy from the official website to avoid scammers.

You might pay shipping fees as the case may be. Always check the terms and conditions at the checkout.

Contact the manufacturer;


Phone: 888-998-6324

Mailing Address: 21 Law Drive, Fairfield, NJ 07004.

ChillWell also lists an address in Las Vegas, Nevada.


All the information on this website is published in good faith and for general information purposes only.

ChillWell is a portable air cooler that adds moisture to the air, which can benefit people with respiratory ailments, eye problems or dry skin. However, understand that any advice or guidelines revealed here are not even remotely substitutes for sound medical advice from a licensed healthcare provider. Make sure to consult with a professional physician before making any decision if you use medications or have concerns following the review details shared above.

Individual results may vary and are not guaranteed as the statements regarding these products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration or Health Canada. The efficacy of these products has not been confirmed by FDA, or Health Canada approved research. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

This is not also a financial advice from any financial consultant, Make sure you contact a sound or certified financial consultant before making any decisions regarding purchase if you are in doubt.

ChillWell also serves as a portable air cooler that uses a fan to blow hot air through a water curtain. As air passes through the water filter, the water evaporates and cools the air. This cooler air is then recirculated through the room. However, cooling time and capacity may vary depending on environmental temperature, area size, proximity, humidity, and other factors. ChillWell makes no representation and assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of information contained on or available through this website, and such information is subject to change without notice.

Testimonials appearing on this site are received through a variety of submission methods from actual users of this product and. They have been provided voluntarily with no compensation. The results may not be typical and cannot be guaranteed.

Note also that we are not responsible for pricing inaccuracies. Always check the product sales page for the final price. The seller reserves the right to alter the price anytime they want.

Important: Do not attempt to repair or modify this product, ChillWell is not responsible for any injury resulting from miss handling. Always contact the manufacturer if any issue arises. Always Keep your user manual for future references.

Affiliate disclosure

The company might give the reviewer little commission if you opt to buy from the link provided here. This does not in any way affect the price, it is a way to support the editorial teams so that they can create such awareness next time. Note that we only reviewed what we have used and trusted of which the ChillWell is the latest we bring to all Canadians.

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