Mon, 15 Aug 2022

Your sunglasses look has been a thing for centuries, so why break the ritual this time. Looking into the fashion trends for the year, we have noticed that there have been several instances where sunglasses were a thing and have been at the forefront in all the fashion arenas.

So this season there is no way you could avoid the beauties, nevertheless, there are several other people, who are super keen on something that is not exactly sunglasses but gives an exact effect of the same. Maybe we would say a healthy alternative to sunglasses.

There are a few things that are hardly replaceable and one among them is sunglasses.

Alternative for your sunglasses needs

You might not be a prescription sunglasses person, but you would definitely want to give these picks a try. All these smart alternatives have the same effect and benefits as sunglasses, so you must definitely give them a try before going for any other options.

Polarised sunglasses

We are well aware of the fact that sunglasses do provide protection against UV rays and from any further damage but what about the glare? Not many sunglasses prevent one from the issue of glare and it is quite difficult to identify and combat the situation as most of them ignore the effects of glare on the eyes.

The glare is caused when light reflects back from hitting a smooth surface. These at times cause an absolute blinding effect where it becomes quite difficult to see ahead. In polarised sunglasses, there is this polarised coating that will block the horizontal rays from entering the eyes that cause the glare and makes it much easier for one to tackle glare easily.

Transition glasses

Do you fancy a magic trick? If yes then this is right for you. Transition glasses might seem like super normal prescription glasses until you step out in the sun. Yes, these clear lenses get covered with a darker tint as soon as one steps out in the sun, giving the exact effect of sunglasses.

Now, the tint of the glasses also depends on the intensity of the sunlight falling on them. More the sunlight, the darker the tint, and vice versa. If you still have doubts, you must have to try them out to know the effects. Transition glasses have mastered the art of being one of the pics that everyone would absolutely adore for their summer picks.

Clip-on sunglasses

Going back to the wheel of time, clip-on sunglasses were surely a thing then and it is still holding the fashion tips of the time. Just like the name suggests, clip-on sunglasses are the ones where the sunglasses are clipped to the glasses. Imagine you have sunglasses that can be easily removed or placed onto your glasses. These are just like your normal sunglasses, so can just easily remove them when required and attach them again at your convenience.

They can be easily carried in your pocket, sunglasses requirements are fulfilled right with vision correction.

Styles of sunglasses

There are several sunglasses you can actually go for as per your requirement, be it clip-on or transition or polarised. The styles for the perfect sunglasses can be choosed here.

Round sunglasses- An all time charmer in itself, these sunnies have been a thing for a century. One of the earliest styles to be adorned, round sunglasses are perfect for every other attire you choose to wear. So make sure that this being your safest style, you can get them for every occasion. Round sunglasses are the best option when one is looking for a balance to their angular features, so make sure to get these beauties right on time.

Wayfarer sunglasses- These sunnies are just pure class and we have been looking and adoring them for years. Wayfarer sunglasses are one bold looking pick that is super hard to resist once we have seen them in Breakfast at Tiffany's. These super bold sunnies are perfect for the one with soft curves, so you could go for them for years. Just like aviators, wayfarers are one of the favourite and frequent picks of all time.

Cat-eye sunglasses- Quirky and bold for a reason, these signature feline sunnies are a steal for every deal. One could hardly get their hands off them and that is exactly what these pretty looking glasses are. Have you been looking for the glasses that would make your first day at work absolutely memorable? Making a pick that is as memorable as these feline picks are, you will be absolutely a walk to remember on your very first day at work.

Aviator sunglasses- The denim of the sunglasses world, aviator sunglasses are worth every wear. Looking for the safest glasses that would go perfectly with every style and occasion? There would be no other perfect pick than aviator sunglasses, and we bet most of you will definitely have these sunnies right in the wardrobe. Its tear-drop shape is what actually makes it unique but there are various other shapes as well that could be well explored.

How to tackle the issue of blue light?

The very first thing about the issue is that many of them do not even realise that they are being affected by the issue. Blue light is not actually a harmful substance but when they are overexposed, there are several ill issues attached to the same.

When you sit in front of the digital screen for longer hours, they are extensively exposed causing eye strain and fatigue and even causing minor headaches.

And its remedy is to switch to blue light glasses. These glasses effectively block the ill effects of the light and do not let the light pass through the glasses. This also helps in increasing productivity as all the ill effects have been removed.

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