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Effective ways to market your right customer

11 Jun 2022, 19:42 GMT+10

Who are you targeting with your marketing? If you are unable to provide a clear response to that question straight away, you must first define your target audience. Marketing that is effective caters to a specific clientele. Knowing who those people are can assist you in maximizing your marketing efforts. You'll be able to determine your target demographic and produce marketing that will blow their socks off with rigorous research and analysis.

One thing I've observed recently is that everyone is talking about making a company's marketing and operations 'customer-centric.' However, when it comes down to it, not many brands are executing it. It's a fantastic opportunity for a fast-moving brand to outperform the competition and reach new heights of success. According to the Peppers & Rogers Group's 2009 'Customer Experience Maturity Monitor' report (https://bit.ly/2CBu27m), 81 percent of organizations that give excellent customer experiences and satisfaction outperform their competition.

Every customer relationship lost, whether to a rival or otherwise, costs a smart business owner an average of $289 per year.

And if you believe you'll make up the difference with new customers, think again. It turns out that acquiring a new customer costs six to seven times more than keeping an old one.

Given below are a few ways to market to your right customer:

1) Survey Customers: If you don't have a consumer in mind, you won't be able to interact with them effectively. Survey current customers and members of your target market to see how you may improve the presentation of your product or service, as well as what features are currently missing.

According to Susan Melony, CEO of 'Cool Stuff', you should learn how to cast a wide net to catch those who you think might be interested in your product or service and utilize their information to help you design your brand to better resonate with your target market. You may start marketing once you know who your target audience is, where they hang out online, and what they respond to best.

2) Use email marketing to build a mailing list: A mailing list can assist a company offer rewards to customers or urging them to return. Email marketing keeps a company in front of customers, and it allows them to segment lists to target certain clients. A sporting goods manufacturer may segment their lead list to target a specific demographic, such as 18 to 24-year-olds while launching the latest in-line skates.

According to Max Hauer, CEO of 'Goflow', you can reach out to customers straight away with customized messages and offer them something in exchange for their time by implementing email automation. Customers are notified of deals or promotions, and instructions on how to use a product are shared, as well as industry education.

Customers can be encouraged to sign up for a newsletter by presenting them with a value proposition, such as:

  • Get a free copy of my report.
  • Sign up to receive our eBook.
  • Subscribe to receive a 20% discount coupon.

3) Post Relevant Content On Blogs: Making it a habit to consistently and rigorously write relevant and original blog content not only keeps your company gleaming in the warm Google sun, but also allows potential customers to genuinely get to know your brand and where it comes from.

According to Vincent Talbot, founder of '99 car stereo', the content doesn't have to be self-promotional (and shouldn't be), but it should provide context for why your product or service is important, suggest the best ways to solve industry-related problems that arise in your target demographics' everyday lives, impart some useful wisdom, and generally inspire people to share your point of view.

4) Create customer personas: Personas explain who a consumer is, what they enjoy, and how they buy, allowing you to better serve them. Customers are required by companies that sell a product or service to make a purchase. Companies can develop current personalities to tailor their service even more by researching their potential clients.

According to Kathryn McDavid, CEO of 'Editor's Pick', marketing is all about profitably satisfying the demands of your target audience. Marketing personas, as seen in the examples above, assist you in meeting client needs by more completely describing who those consumers are or could be. You can better illuminate a customer's values and get a clearer sense of what that individual wants from your product when you can put a name, age, and range of hobbies and experience them.

As a result, personalities assist you in defining and comprehending your target audience... But why is this so crucial? In other words, you can't grasp your audience's wants if you don't know who they are. You can't address their demands - let alone profitability - if you don't understand them.

Marketing personas help marketers use time and energy more efficiently by outlining the needs of their ideal customers, resulting in better products and services.

5) Recognize the Worth of Word-of-Mouth Marketing: Positive word-of-mouth (WOM) is a priceless asset for every small business, and word-of-mouth marketing (WOMM) is the most effective and reliable sort of marketing.

Do you know how the things you appreciate the most and spend a lot of attention to tend to increase in value? That notion, I've discovered, applies equally well to business as it does to the rest of life.

Positive word-of-mouth buzz seems to increase when I truly focus on and value the things that positive word-of-mouth accomplishes for my brand.

The Word of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA) defines the word of mouth marketing as any business action that results in a consumer recommendation. People's power to develop brand awareness and devoted customers lies at the heart of WOMM.

And make no mistake: WOMM is a true force to be reckoned with. According to Nielsen, it's more effective than any other form of marketing, with 84 percent of customers worldwide trusting recommendations from friends and family (https://bit.ly/2SzgkbR).

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