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Growing Asparagus: A Detailed Guide For Beginners

17 Jun 2022, 00:51 GMT+10

In the long run, cultivating your asparagus will be a save for your pockets. This excellent vegetable has a brief season and is often pricey. Asparagus is easy to cultivate and maintain and can yield for 25 years. Asparagus may be grown from seed, one-year crowns, and 2-3-year crowns. Under the right conditions, asparagus grows in pots. Growing Asparagus in a garden and growing it in a pot have slight differences. The primary ingredients you need are a well fertile and well-drained compost, adequate sunlight, and a perfect pot.

Here's a simple yet practical guide on producing Asparagus from seed, crowns, and pots.

Perfectly Suited Pots for Asparagus

You can grow Asparagus in a pot or a container. Mainly, the compost should have to be fertile and adequately drained. Moreover, there should be adequate sunlight and shelter from strong winds. Each Asparagus plant should be able to grow in a container that is 15 centimeters square. There should be enough room for eight asparagus plants to grow in this container. Using a container with around 45 centimeters of depth, you may put bare-root Asparagus crowns 10-15 centimeters below the surface and allow the roots to find their way down.

Best Time to Plant Asparagus

Seeds or bare root crowns may be planted in pots at various periods throughout the year, depending on the variety. For mobility, pots can take advantage of a greenhouse, porch, or polytunnel's higher temps.

  • Sow asparagus seeds inside in February and transplant them to the garden in June or July to harden them off.
  • Outside, in pots, in March/April, sow the seeds of the asparagus plant.
  • In March or September, plant asparagus crowns in a container.

The Finest Variety of Asparagus to Grow in Pots

  • Asparagus Gijnlim: this is a male Asparagus that produces a lot of fruit. These species have purple-tipped spears with a medium green body.
  • Adaptable all-male hybrid Asparagus Mondeo is appropriate for spring and fall planting.
  • Asparagus Pacific 2000: Delicious and abundant, this variety may be planted in the spring or fall.
  • High yielding, purple, sweeter, and more tender Asparagus Pacific Purple variations

The Proper Place to Plant Asparagus

The key benefit of planting Asparagus in a pot is its mobility, i.e., you can quickly shift the pot without disturbing the plant. Asparagus and tomatoes work well together because tomatoes and nematodes deter Asparagus bugs. Because Asparagus thrives in full light, growing it in pots allows you to transfer it to a new location in the garden as needed. Asparagus may also be grown in pots if you're moving to a new residence and need to relocate your asparagus quickly and simply! Planting asparagus from a crown is best done where it will remain for the long term.

Harvesting Period

It is a keynote to remember that you should harvest Asparagus only in its 3rd year. Buying a bare room crown of Asparagus will speed up harvesting. Mid-April until mid-May is Asparagus season. Cut asparagus spears 2-3 centimeters below the earth with a sharp knife. 18-20 centimeters is a good spear height. Fresh Asparagus is ideal, so collect it every few days.

In short, the harvesting period depends on the part of Asparagus you are planting. For a detailed guide on how to plant asparagus roots in pots, then Plant Judo is there to guide you. This is the best option for all of your plants' needs. So, start your gardening journey today with your dearest companion, Plant Judo.


Asparagus is a costly and popular vegetable with a short harvest time. Moreover, it is straightforward to grow asparagus in a pot. Follow the guidance and quickly grow this luxury vegetable in pots.

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