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Whereas in the past, one needed to know increasingly complex lines of coding and web management knowledge in order to manage their content on the web or otherwise hire somebody who did so, nowadays, with the rise of content management systems, creating and directing your content on the web no longer needs you to be a developing your own right. With the advent of these CMS platforms, more and more people are able to easily create their own websites and manage their content with a few simple clicks and using pre-made templates. But what is the best CMS in 2022?

Requirements for creating a website

Before we get into what are the best CMS options in 2022, let's take a brief moment to go over the components that you need to start an intermediary website using these CMS options. For the sake of showcasing, we are going to use WordPress as the CMS of choice.

VPS Hosting for WordPress

First things first, you are going to need a host server. While in the past, the options were more or less confined to dedicated servers, nowadays, you can also host your website on a VPS service. This has several key advantages, such as direct customization access, cheaper rates, and the ability to choose the server's location on a whim. As we already mentioned, the content management system or CMS of choice for this example would be WordPress. So it is highly recommended that if you are going to use a VPS as a host, then make sure the VPS provider supports WordPress. Cloudzy's unmanaged VPS for WordPress hosting is a prime option.

Website Design for WordPress

The next thing you are going to need is a website design. This is the front that users that interact with your website are going to be seeing. So it's highly recommended that you do your research and go for a design that suits your website's overall theme. Now, WordPress comes with a set of its own pre-made templates that you can use. However, there is considerable debate as to whether you should use a designer's personalized designs or use these templates instead. Some even advocate for joint utilization of both. But no matter your preference, you are going to need the design.

What is a CMS?

In case you haven't heard of CMS before, don't worry. In short, a CMS is a content management system that allows you to perform tasks on your website via simple clicks instead of the hard lines of coding that developers and coders usually use. These codes are not gone, but they have instead been incorporated into predefined commands that are executed when you click on each option. These CMS options have made the process of making and managing websites considerably cheaper and more accessible to the general user. There are different options, however, and choosing the best CMS can be difficult.

What Makes a CMS Great?

What a CMS does best is making all the different aspects of running a website and managing its content fit into an all-for-one package. So right off the bat, you have an advantage when you are using a CMS compared to when you are not. A CMS gives you easy access to managing the different aspects of your websites; these include but are not limited to SEO, features, customer support, plug-ins, diverse add-ons, templates, etc. Additionally, all of these options are presented in a headache-free and easy-to-use format. Now imagine having to code for each and every one of these. It's easy what makes a CMS great.

Best CMS in 2022


WordPress is the most well-known and most used CMS in the world, and that will tell you all you need to know about its reliability and quality. Its open-source nature has made it one of the complete options out there.


While WordPress is a little bit of an all-rounder, Joomla is known for its intricate and diverse options that make it ideal for running more complex websites with lots of sections and subsections. What's better is that it's free!


Drupal is known for making WordPress simple and easy to use the recipe and making it geared toward appeasing the developers. Drupal has a great variety of plug-ins that make everything from pre-planned posting to audience management easy!


Wix is another great CMS option, especially for beginners who want to learn the ropes of how to run a website and manage their content using a CMS. There are a lot of templates with great personalization potential, and they have great customer support.


If you have everything else about running a website with a CMS covered except design, then Squarespace is right up your alley. While it does everything else that a CMS is supposed to do, its templates and designs are on another level.

5 Popular Websites that Use WordPress

You'd be surprised to know that even some reputable tech giants choose to run their websites using WordPress. This is a further testament to the credibility of CMS options when even the biggest tech companies in the world choose to use them for their own websites. Here are five examples that use WordPress as their preferred CMS.

Microsoft News

Microsoft News portal of Microsoft, the legendary force behind the Windows and so many other great computer inventions. Microsoft has access to some of the best coders and developers in the world, but they still choose to run their news section on WordPress.

TED Blog

As the name suggests, TED Blog is the blog sub-section of the famous public speaking platform TED. TED Blog hosts a very large compendium of text-based content that presents the different aspects of TED, and it is hosted on WordPress.


cPanel is a web server control panel. It is used to manage web servers and CMS options alike. It is also the default control panel for WordPress. So no wonder their official website is also run on WordPress.


Vogue is one of the most well-established and well-known fashion media outlets in the world. With their website acting as the main gateway to a lot of fashion and lifestyle-related content and tons of sub-sections. WordPress easily handles this massive website.

Mozilla Blog

Mozilla's blog section is considered one of the best sources to find web and internet-related articles and posts, keeping many people informed and helping many others with solutions. Mozilla Blog nets a lot of traffic. WordPress, however, shines once more.

How to Create a Website with WordPress

As already mentioned, the two main elements of running a website using WordPress are the design and the host. You can use a designer, your own designs, or the pre-made templates for the design. As for the hosting options, we mentioned VPS. Here are the candidates for the best VPS hosting for WordPress.


Content management systems have proven reliable enough to be used by even the largest tech companies in the world for their websites. WordPress remains the most reliable of the bunch. However, there are lots of other options that you can go for depending on your needs and requirements.

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