Wed, 29 Nov 2023

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According to recent findings, 31% of American adults say their employers expect them to answer calls and text messages while on vacation. Further, 27% of American workers say they must respond to work emails, and 20% say employers expect them to be online.

Working on vacation can be a fact of life, but you need the technology to do it. Are you ready for your workcation? Keep reading to find out!

Update Mobile Devices

Even with a family vacation, there is business as usual, and you are still on call. What happens when work needs you? Your mobile device is critical for accessing your email and work files.

Ensure that your smartphone, tablet, and laptop are current. This means keeping all their software updated. If you need an upgrade or install updates, do it before you leave.

Any snags because you have an out-of-date system could make workcation tasks take longer, leaving you less time for fun.

Get Your Home Office Set

Access to your company's IT system from a home office is convenient. Being able to access all their data will make you more productive. If you are not set up for remote access, you will need it when working on vacation.

Check 2-Step Settings

If you are traveling internationally, cell service can be challenging. Both Google Duo and Microsoft 365 have a 2-step setting. It is a way to authenticate your accounts without relying on cell service.

Google Duo offers a physical security key option. Both Duo and Microsoft 365 offer mobile applications that will generate passcodes, and you do not need Wi-Fi or cell service. You can even enroll an additional mobile device, like a table, to help you with authentication.

Limit Public Wi-Fi

You can assume that public networks, both paid and free, may be compromised. It is safer to stay away from public Wi-Fi altogether.

If you must engage public Wi-Fi, check the URL of the websites you visit. They should start with https://, not http://. Limit your access to accounts that have sensitive details, including banking and shopping.

A VPN, or virtual private network, can better protect you from hackers. With a VPN, your data cannot be read if a hacker was to steal it.

Silence Your Notifications

You do not need to delete your reminders or work apps to remember to enjoy your downtime. Applications, such as the ones from Microsoft, offer "do not disturb" and "quiet time" as features. The Teams application itself even has Quiet Days or Quiet Hours.

This can keep you online but also help you relax at the same time.

Working on Vacation

Getting time away from work is fun, but business doesn't stop because you are away. Working on vacation happens, and you can be ready with these tips. Ensure your mobile devices are prepped; you can authenticate your accounts and stay away from public networks as much as possible.

With these tips, you'll be ready to handle business and get back to having fun. Live your best life. That is why we publish articles like this one every day.

There is no need to leave just yet. Keep clicking for more brilliant life hacks!

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