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7 Notable Tech Founders of Our Time

09 Apr 2023, 20:58 GMT+10

The tech industry is home to many of the most notable founders and companies. You might already know a couple of names, but who else falls under the category?

Well-known names in the tech field don't only come from big enterprises but also startup companies. These tech entrepreneurs contributes something unique to the industry. So you could say they keep the tech sector going!

Here are seven of those notable tech founders and what makes them notorious.

  1. Steve Jobs

When you talk about successful tech entrepreneurs, one of the first people you think of is Steve Jobs, the former CEO of Apple.

His vision pioneered a new generation of modern technology, which he delivered through Apple's innovative products. Even up until this day, Apple stands as one of the largest tech companies out there with a large following.

His brand is usually defined as one for those who wanted to be different. And so, he focused his decisions on design over marketing. To this day, Apple continues to lead the industry when it comes to sleek and neat tech designs.

The company is now under Tim Cook, but Steve Jobs still remains one of the most iconic people in the industry.

  1. Jeff Bezos

Almost everyone around the world shops on Amazon. It all started with one of Jeff Bezos' visions. Now, he's one of the top company founders of all time, receiving several achievements for his creation.

Amazon is basically a part of many people's daily lives. Despite being an online shopping site, it competes in other industries, like it does with Kindle.

Although Jeff Bezos is no longer the CEO, he is still one of the company's largest shareholders, owning around 10% or more stakes in the company.

  1. Andrew Houston

Another of the most historic tech creations in history is Dropbox. The file hosting service is essential to several sectors, from business to management. It even works great for your personal storage needs!

The startup founders of the company are Andrew Houston (the CEO) and his colleague. They raised millions for their capital and kept going from there.

Up until now, Dropbox continues to serve as one of the largest and most reliable online storage services available.

Besides his work at Dropbox, Houston also encourages people to learn coding through his support for

  1. Brian Chesky

Whether you're a fan of travel or like to look around for tech news, you're sure to know about Airbnb. The platform enabled lots of people to put up their properties for rent in a much more convenient space.

Brian Chesky, the platform's CEO, started his project as early as 2008. Although Airbnb started off as a small project, it now has a million active listings from all over the world.

These days, many people turn to Airbnb when they need a short-term place to stay in and out of their country. While the stories vary from person to person, lots of people still rely on the platform for their renting needs.

  1. Elon Musk

One of the biggest tech entrepreneurs of all time is Elon Musk. Surely, that's a name you've heard of already, wherever it came from.

He's the co-founder of one of the biggest online payment platforms, Paypal, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, and currently the man who owns the social media platform, Twitter.

One thing that makes Musk stand out are his approaches towards each tech company and his mindset as an entrepreneur. All this led to him accumulating over a hundred billion dollars worth of net worth.

Among the tech community, he's a well-known figure that many look up to. Some would even refer to him as the real-life Iron Man for his achievements, innovations, and ideals.

  1. Mark Zuckerberg

When you think of social media platforms, Facebook is one that you can't miss out on. It gets even crazier when you realize how the social media empire started off with a personal site.

Mark Zuckerberg is popular as the man behind Facebook, which he found and created in his college dorm room.

According to most stories, he wanted a place to communicate and stay updated with his friends and family. So, he whipped up his computer and built the site.

Over the years, Facebook has gone through several ups and downs, but it never really crashed. Even now, it's the platform almost everyone relies on when they want to connect to other people. That alone shows how big of an impact it has!

  1. Matt Calkins

The best tech founders aren't just involved with devices and websites. Some of them lead industries in automation as well, such as the board game champion turned tech entrepreneur, Matt Calkins.

When he co-founded Appian, it was a tech company focused on building software tools. Now, it's reached a larger market and aims to make coding less intensive for programmers.

And so, Appian is a leading company that helps businesses manage operations and tech-related processes more effectively. On top of that, Calkins also continues to design games, applying everything he's learned.

Learn About the Notable Tech Founders Here!

In this age, you're sure to hear about the leading tech founders in different industries. These are the people behind the services, platforms, and even devices that we use in our daily life.

While some of them have left the industry or stepped down, it doesn't change the fact that they made a huge impact and contribution to tech today.

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